Foot Lifting Anchor ST

Internal threaded lifting anchor with forged rebar for lifting of precast concrete elements

Lifting Anchors are mainly used for lifting precast concrete elements. Hot forged rebar is attached to the threaded socket for good anchoring in concrete. Thanks to its structure, the lifting anchor is particularly suitable for thin structures such as balcony elements and slabs.

ST-Lifting anchors saves time

When used internal threaded lifting anchors and lifting devices, it is possible to get rid of the clipping and patching of the concrete reinforced concrete slings on the site. Instead of these steps, the lifting device is detached from the anchor and, if necessary, the recess of the lifting anchor is plugged. The use of a internal threaded lifting anchor makes it easier and faster to install the elements.

Lifting anchors are available in thread sizes Rd20 - Rd36. The size of each thread in two different lengths. The socket of the anchor can either be galvanized or manufactured from stainless steel 304-A2 or 316-A4.

Our product range

  • Foot Lifting Anchor ST
    • With Rd-thread
    • Hot formed rebar is zinc plated
    • Threaded socket is galvanized, stainless 304-A2 or stainless 316-A4

Nostoankkuri ST:n edut ja ominaisuudet

  • soveltuu monenlaisten kappaleiden, kuten parveke-elementtien nostamiseen ja kääntämiseen
  • aikaa säästävä järjestelmä perinteisiin nostolenkkeihin verrattuna
  • elementin paino voi olla 2,0t - 6,3t ankkuria kohden

Nostoankkureihin yhteensopivat oheistuotteet

  • Sisäkierreankkureihin sopivat apuvälineet muottikiinnityksiin, kierteen suojaamiseen ja nostoihin.
  • Kierretangot ja kierretapit
  • Suojatulppa ST
  • Suojatulppa MT
  • Betonitulppa
  • Tartuntapohja TPK / TPK-L
  • Magneettipidin HM4
  • Vaijerinostolenkki LL
  • Vaijerinostolenkki LL-G
  • Vaijerinostolenkki PL - painelevylenkki
  • Nostosilmukka LD (Kierteet M/Rd 12 - M/Rd 42)
Nostoankkuri parvekelaattaan
Brochure - ST-Lifting Anchors - October 2018 (Finnish) Brochure - ST-Lifting Anchors - October 2018 (Finnish)
Finnish national approval - BY Käyttöseloste 5B EC 2 nro 46 - ST-Nostoankkurit Finnish national approval - BY Käyttöseloste 5B EC 2 nro 46 - ST-Nostoankkurit
User Manual - ST-Lifting Anchors - 11.07.2018 (Finnish) User Manual - ST-Lifting Anchors - 11.07.2018 (Finnish)