Wire lifting loops and recess formers

For lifting concrete elements

BS-wire lifting loops are concrete element lifting anchors, which as opposed to conventional threaded steel loops, are not visible after assembly. They are especially well suited for lifting foundation elements, concrete beams and hollow-core slab transportation. This lifting system is comprised of steel wire, oval shaped lifting anchors (Wire loop BS) and pocket formers that are used for fixing the wire loops to the concrete for lifting.

BS lenkki

Benefits and specifications of

  • there are no post assembly protruding objects
  • load capacity 0,8t – 99t per anchor
  • CE-marked

Our product range

  • Wire loop BS
    • Zinc plated steel wire
  • Wire loop BS-PP
    • manufactured from polypropylene
    • will not rust

Recommended accessories

Accessories suitable for BS-wire loop formwork attaching

  • Magnetic recess former