Socket anchors with internal thread

Concrete anchors for precast concrete elements

For moving and lifting of precast concrete elements

Socket anchors are used mainly for lifting concrete elements. The anchor has an internal thread and is manufactured from steel pipe with a hole drilled for anchoring with a ribbed metal rod. In order to prevent concrete from seeping into the thread, a plastic cap can be fitted to the base of the thread (HA), or the socket can be flattened (HAL). The HAL plate anchor has a metal plate welded to the bottom end and is especially designed for lifting tile-like concrete elements. Due to its compact design, the anchor is suitable for all types of concrete objects.

By using these internally threaded anchors along with suitable wire rope lifting loops the time consuming jobs of patching and cutting ribbed steel lifting loops is eliminated on construction sites. The wire loops are simply detached from the element and the hole is capped. This greatly eases and reduces the assembly time of concrete elements.

The benefits and specifications of socket anchors

  • suitable for lifting all types of concrete elements
  • saves time compared to conventional methods
  • element weight can be up to 0,5t - 12,5t per anchor

Depending on the final use, the internally threaded sockets can be galvanized or made from stainless steel.


Our product range

  • Socket anchor HA
  • Rd-with internal thread
  • with cross hole
  • Socket anchor HAL
  • Rd-with internal thread
  • with cross hole
  • Plate anchor HLA
  • Rd-with internal thread
  • steel plate welded to bottom end

Recommended accessories

A wide range of products have been designed as aids for socket anchors, such as for fixing elements, covering threads and threaded wire loops for lifting concrete elements.

  • Threaded bars
  • Cap ST
  • Cap MT
  • Cap MTK
  • Holding discs TPM
  • Holding discs TPK
  • Magnetic holder HM4
  • Wire lifting loop LL
  • Wire lifting loop LL-D
  • Lifting loop LD

Please download a PDF brochure of Lifting Sockets