Plastic holding discs

For attaching internally threaded anchors to formworks

Plastic holding discs are especially suited for attaching internally threaded anchors such as threaded anchors, wave anchors, socket anchors etc. to wood or veneer formworks. The holding disc in nailed to the formwork after which the anchor is screwed into place.


The benefits and specifications of holding discs

  • suitable for attaching all types of threaded anchors to formworks
  • discs for all thread sizes M/Rd10 - M/Rd52

Our product range

  • Holding disc TPK
    • M-thread (suitable for Rd-threaded anchor)
    • Sizes M10 - M52
    • 10 - 12 mm indentation in the concrete depending on thread size
  • Holding disc TPM
    • without thread
    • Sizes M12 - M20
    • 15 mm indentation in the concrete

Recommended accessories

Anchors suitable for plastic holding discs

  • Threaded anchors
  • Wave anchors DWL and DWK
  • Lifting anchors SNA
  • Socket anchors HA and HAL

Download a PDF on Covering plugs and Holding discs