Height adjustable side magnets with release lever

For securing wooden formwork during concrete setting.

BGW-Magnetic holders, or magnetic side rails press the wooden mould tightly against the formwork base preventing any sideways movement during concrete setting. Once the concrete has hardened, the magnetic holders are removed and the moulds can be dismantled.

The BGW-HM1 magnetic holder is especially suited for use with changing mould height as the down holder is steplessly adjustable.

The arm can be rotated almost 360° around the column (the height can be adjusted).

Three side of the magnetic holder are flat without protruding screws enabling them to be used for preventing sideways movement of the formwork. The structure of the magnet body adjusts unevenness of the formwork without loss of adhesion.

Benefits and specifications of the BGW-HM1 magnetic system

  • extremely durable
  • excellent price/quality ratio
  • a wide range of magnetic force is available. 600 - 2000 kg standard
  • specialized products with flexibility
  • three even sides
  • our standard model up to 300 mm formwork height

Our product range

  • BGW-Magnetic holder HM1, with one column and a steplessly adjusting down holder
  • BGW-Magnetic holder HM1, with one M24 thread
  • BGW Magnetic holder HM1, two columns and a steplessly adjustable down holder
  • BGW-magnetic holder HM1, with two M24 threads

BGW- Magnet systems are manufactured in Germany by BGW-Bohr GmbH. The company has a long history and years of experience as well as numerous patents in the field of concrete element setting utilizing magnetic systems. After years of cooperation we can safely guarantee a long lifespan for magnetic systems built by BGW.

(PDF: technical specifications)