GRIPCON Concrete Embedmant Strip


Durable concrete embedment strip
– Save time with a steadfast spline in concrete

When embedded in concrete, cellular plastic or other building
materials, products from GRIPCON® provide anchoring for all
types of bolted joints, even if the screws need to be removed
and attached again. GRIPCON® provides secure anchoring
regardless of the number of times a screw needs to be refastened.

– Userfriendly splines for safe work environments

The profile of the GRIPCON® strip provides a secure hold in
the embedment material, even if the bolted joint is subjected
to heavy-duty usage.

Lasting material
– Strong, dependable embedments in concrete
The material – an extruded fiber plastic composite – exhibits
properties very similar to concrete in regards to varying temperatures,
water resistance and other external factors, thus
providing durable solutions for bolted joints over time.

Environmentally Friendly Embedment
– Recycled material for enduring buildings & communities
Patented embedment strips by GRIPCON® are manufactured
from a mixture of recycled plastic and cellulose fibers obtained
from cutter shavings. This is performed in accordance
with methods protected by the patent owned by our partner,
Polyplank AB, that also manufacture other types of environmentally
friendly building materials. For more information,
please visit

The strip profile for concrete
The profile of the GRIPCON® strip resembles a champagne
cork with a hollow core separated by a partition wall.
The hollow core and wood fiber content prevents the material
from tearing when penetrated by a screw or a nail.
The bottom of the ‘cork’ is the face of the strip. It should be
aligned with the concrete surface and is the area where the
screws are mounted when anchoring something to the strip.
The narrow waist of the strip provides maximum embedment
in the surrounding material. The width and depth is approximately
35 mm.

The material
GRIPCON® strips consist of a composite of recycled plastic
fibers and wood fibers from cutter shavings. By using recycled
plastic, the product is cheaper and also helps reduce the
world’s plastic build-up.

How to use GRIPCON® Strips
Place the GRIPCON® strips with the logo side toward the mold
frame wall. Screwing the strips in place through the mold
frame is a good way of securing the strips. They may also be
fastened with a hot-melt adhesive or other suitable methods.
However, it is important that the strips are securely fastened
to the mold frame before adding the embedment material.

No special tools required
No special tools are required when fitting the strips to your
preferred size. Standard tools for woodworking are sufficient,
as cutting and drilling into the strips is easy.

GRIPCON embedment strip is suitable for many different fastening needs of concrete structures, such as for example technical installations, facade cladding fastenings and window and door frames. Fastenings can be made flexibly for the entire 35 mm width of the strip. Delivery lengths up to 4000 mm. The stock length is 2000 mm, but the strips are also delivered cut to size.

Link for structural designers in the Tekla Warehouse : Gripcon Tekla Warehouse components

This is GRIPCON in short:

  • Easy to use – no drilling, no special tools needed
  • Secure anchoring – even if you should remove and attach the screws again many times
  • Environmentally Friendly – made of a composite of recycled plastic fibers and wood fibers

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