Fixing sockets of tube material with internal thread

A cost effective solution for fixing precast concrete elements

Fixing sockets have an internal thread and are manufactured from steel pipe by machining. They are placed into precast concrete before curing. Fixing sockets are used for attaching and fixing objects to concrete such as guard rails, lighting fixtures, etc. They are intended mainly to receive the axial load. You are sure to find a suitable anchor for your fixing needs from our excellent range of products.


The benefits and specifications of fixing sockets

  • a cost effective solution due to its light weight construction
  • versatile assembly possibilities

Available threads are M6 – M30. The construction material of the socket is determined by its end use. The sockets can be galvanized or made from acid resistant stainless steel.

Our product range

  • Fixing socket PVA
    • M-internal thread
    • cross hole
  • Fixing socket PVA-H
    • M-internal thread
    • cross pin
  • Fixing socket PVA-T
    • M-internal thread
    • bent end for anchoring
    • compact build
  • Fixing socket PVA-N
    • M-internal thread
    • cross hole
    • nailing plate
  • Fixing socket PVA-NH
    • M-internal thread
    • cross pin
    • steel nailing plate
  • Fixing socket PVA-W
    • M-internal thread
    • wave-like anchoring bend
  • Fixing socket PVA-WN
    • M-internal thread
    • wave-like anchoring bend
    • steel nail plate

Recommended additional products

Additional covering and fixing products for threaded anchors

  • threaded rods and bars
  • Cover ST
  • Cover MT
  • Cover MTK
  • Holding disc TPM
  • Holding disc TPK
  • Magnetic holder HM4

Please download a PDF brochure of Fixing Sockets