Covering plugs and discs

For finalizing concrete surfaces

The purpose of covering discs and plugs is to hide indentations left by internally threaded anchors. We have various different colors in stock, and by choosing the right one, the concrete surface will have an appealing and finished look.

The benefits and specifications of covering plugs

  • an appealing look
  • various different colors


Our product range

  • Covering plug PT
    • various different colors
    • sizes M12, M16, M20, M24 and M30
    • diameter Ø 35 mm or Ø 45 mm (size M30)
  • Covering disc PL
    • colors grey and white
    • size M16
    • can be glue to a larger thread size
    • diameter Ø 95 mm

Recommended accessories

Anchors suitable for covering discs and plugs

  • Threaded anchors
  • Wave anchors DWL and DWK
  • Lifting anchor SNA
  • Socket anchors

Download a PDF brochure of our Cover Plates

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