Cast-in sockets made of solid bar

For fixing and lifting of concrete elements

Cast–in concrete inserts are constructed of steel with internal screw threads that are mounted before the concrete has set. Threaded Concrete Anchors can be used as fixing anchors for both permanent and temporary solutions such as attaching supports or brases for concrete walls and for lifting of concrete elements.

As an additional characteristic, the concrete inserts manufactured by Salon Tukituote have the highest load bearing capacity, pull tension and tensile strength on the market.

We only use raw materials of the highest quality standards and from vetted suppliers.

Our threaded anchors have been approved as lifting anchors for precast concrete elements by VTT, the Technical Research Center of Finland where the products have undergone hundreds of pull tests. For lifting purposes the anchors can be supplied with Rd or M threads, enabling the use of an Rd or M threaded wire rope lifting loop.

The benefits and specifications of threaded anchors and threaded inserts

  • the highest load bearing capacity on the market
  • cost efficient, can be changed to a smaller thread
  • no supporting inserts required
  • the same anchor can be utilized for fixing and lifting
  • manufactured in Finland

Our product range

  • Threaded anchor n:o 310
    • M-internal thread
    • cross pin
  • Threaded anchor n:o 300
    • M-internal thread
    • cross hole for later fitting of steel anchor
  • Threaded anchor n:o 410
    • M-internal thread
    • cross pin
    • steel nailing plate
  • Threaded anchor n:o 311
    • Threaded anchor Rd-internal thread
    • cross pin
  • Threaded anchor n:o 301
    • Rd-internal thread
    • cross hole for later fitting of steel bar

Recommended accessories

Additional aids suitable for precast concrete anchors, thread covers and lifting.

  • Threaded bars
  • Cover ST
  • Cover MT
  • Cover MTK
  • Holding disc TPM
  • Holding disc TPK
  • Magnetic holder HM4
  • Threaded lifting loop LL
  • Threaded lifting loop LL-D
  • Lifting loop LD

Please download a PDF brochure of Concrete Anchors