Capstan anchors and lifting systems

For lifting all types of concrete elements

The capstan anchor system is comprised of various lifting anchors each with a spherical end, which fits a capstan lifter in its corresponding load category. The capstan lifter can thus be fixed to the anchor extremely quickly and safely. Capstan anchors are available in various threads. The anchor can be spherical, a threaded steel rod or plate enabling a compact build for tile like, thinner concrete elements. The capstan anchor system comes with additional tools for attaching to the formwork such as pocket formers, which can be made of rubber, steel or a magnet. Capstan anchors are suited for lifting all types of elements such as concrete pipes, thinner, tile like elements etc.



Benefits and specifications of the capstan anchor system

  • quick to use as the lifting system can be attached in one motion

  • versatile uses

  • load categories 1,3t – 32t

The anchors can be provided in zinc plate, stainless steel or acid proof steel.

Our product range

  • Capstan anchor KK
    • spherical anchor
  • Capstan anchor KK-T
    • straight threaded steel rod anchor
  • Capstan anchor KK-L
    • steel plate anchor
  • Capstan anchor KK-S
    • bent threaded steel rod anchor (suitable for lifting sandwich elements)

Recommended accessories

Accessories for Capstan anchor formwork attaching and lifting.

  • Pocket former KK
  • Magnetic holder HM5
  • Capstan lifter